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The Bakersfield Cactus & Succulent Society meets the second Tuesday of each month at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2216 17th Street Bakersfield California. A "social half-hour" begins at 6:30 PM and the real meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome! This MAP might help you find the place.

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NEXT MEETING: July 10, 2018 7:00PM

South African Succulents in Summer: A Grower’s Perspective
presented by Ernesto Sandoval

Join Ernesto for a grower’s perspective on seeing succulents in Southern Africa both in gardens and the wild from his travels there.  From his "Summer Sabbatical" in South Africa and Namibia he’ll share what he learned about the features of these plants from the diversity of habitats and cultivated environments he experienced.  Some highlights will include exploring the Conservatory at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, a little of the Richtersveld including species of Aloes that are home to this formidable part of northwestern South Africa, a visit to Namibia including the Kokerboom forest (Aloe dichotoma) near Keetmanshoop and several populations of the unique Welwitschia mirabilis, as well as other succulents from the Cape region and other deserts from that amazingly diverse part of the world!


Ernesto Sandoval has been wondering and seeking questions to why plants grow and look the way that they do for a long time. He describes himself as a "Jose of All Plants, Master of None." Ernesto thoroughly enjoys helping others, and gardeners in particular, to understand why and how plants do what they do. He's been learning and teaching himself by getting a degree at UC Davis in Botany and working from student weeder/waterer to Director over the last 25 years at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory. Several of his favorite garden projects involved converting lawns and or water loving landscapes to drought tolerant and diversity filled gardens He likes to promote plant liberation by encouraging gardeners of all sorts to grow more plants in the ground when possible. By helping people to understand the workings of plants he hopes to help us better understand how to and why our plants do what they do and how we can maximize their growth with less effort.

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July 10: BCSS Meeting: "South Africa” presented by Ernesto Sandoval


Aug 14: BCSS Meeting: Dinner at 6 PM Old Hacienda on Olive Drive

Sept 1: Huntington Symposium: 1151 Oxford Drive, San Marino, CA

Sept 11: BCSS Meeting: “Aloes on My Mind, Exploring Aloe” presented by Karen Zimmerman

Succulent Garden Work Day: TBA

Things you may want to bring: hand weeding tools, knee-pad, bottled water, maybe a bucket, gloves and be prepared to get dirty, especially if the soil is wet.

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