The Bakersfield Cactus and Succulent Society

The Bakersfield Cactus & Succulent Society meets the second Tuesday of each month at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2216 17th Street Bakersfield California. A "social half-hour" begins at 6:30 PM and the real meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome! This MAP might help you find the place.

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NEXT MEETING: April 9, 2019 7:00PM

"Mojave National Preserve"
presented by Rob MacGregor

On the southeastern border of California lies 1.6 million acres that make up the Mojave National Preserve. Of the 4 deserts that exist in North America, 3 are present within this Preserve, the Mojave, the Great Basin, and the Sonoran deserts. Over the course of multiple excursions throughout various seasons I have explored the Mojave Preserve to view succulent plants in habitat. Treks to the Mojave National Preserve are one-day trips that are inexpensive, contain accessible hot spots with a variety of succulent plants and geological phenomena. The intent of my talk is to demonstrate examples of exploring natural habitats in our own backyard that anyone with a day or two could experience, whether it’s the Mojave National Preserve or our other desert wonders.

I started collecting plants about 20 years ago. At first it was collecting from the local nursery in San Felipe in Baja Norte California so I could plant them around a friend’s property in Puertecitos Baja California. Then 15 years ago I bought my home in Riverside and proceeded to remove the grass in my ˝ acre backyard and install rocks and cacti. The front yard soon followed, receiving an aloe and rock remodel. After those first couple of years I began to meet people that would change my whole outlook on cacti and succulent plants. It was at this time I ran into a person whom I would later call my mentor. He took the time to instill in me the drive to learn correct terminology and spelling of plants.

He also taught me to take a more scientific approach of gathering information. It was this approach that I call “playing with my plants” which gave me the willingness to do what I have done to plants, in the name of further education.

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Apr 6-7: South Coast Show & Sale

Apr 9: BCSS Meeting: "Mojave National Preserve" presented by Rob McGregor

Apr 27: BC Garden Fest

April 30: Open Greenhouse Day, Skillin Ranch, Arroyo Grande Informational PDF

May 14: BCSS Meeting: Family Picnic at the Succulent Garden at CSUB 6 PM

June 1-2 Fresno Cactus & Succulent Society Show & Sale, Fresno Fair Grounds, 1121 South Chance Ave, 93702

Succulent Garden Work Day: To Be Announced

Things you may want to bring: hand weeding tools, knee-pad, bottled water, maybe a bucket, gloves and be prepared to get dirty, especially if the soil is wet.

Cal State Garden

Garden Work (Weeding) Days: In the past our workdays have been held on a Sunday from 9AM-Noon. This has always had the best turnout compared to other days. However, I would like your input on when you might be able to come and help. Please email me with suggestions at:

Stephen Cooley

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