The Bakersfield Cactus and Succulent Society

The Bakersfield Cactus & Succulent Society meets the second Tuesday of each month at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2216 17th Street Bakersfield California. A "social half-hour" begins at 6:30 PM and the real meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome! This MAP might help you find the place.

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NEXT MEETING: January 8, 2019 7:00PM

Staging Succulents part 2
presented by Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor will discuss winter grower succulents, talking about care, exposures, extremes and staging for presentation. Most think winter are an off season when it comes to C&S and by expanding your knowledge of these plants will encourage you to grow something of interest year round. Keith will also bring in specimens from his collection to share, as well as have pottery available for purchase.

Keith Taylor began collecting caudiciform succulents in 1991 after seeing a large Cyphostemma juttae in the ground at a local botanical garden. "I was drawn to size and grotesque shape of the trunk". The Cyphostemma he saw is also the 1st succulent he purchased. His collection is more than 800 plants. He grows in plastic pots and raised beds. Keith prefers his succulents to look like habitat specimens rather than cultivated plants. He grows them hard, meaning limited water, little to no feeding and hot sun to give them the look of collected plants.

In 2008, Keith began creating pots to show off his plants. He believes the pot should compliment, not distract. The main focus should be the succulent. If the pot is too ornate, colorful, or shiny, it draws your eye toward the pot rather than the succulent. Also proportion plays a roll. Rocks and topdressing add to complete the presentation. His pottery is sought after by C&S collectors as well as bonsai artists.

Keith sells his work at C&S clubs and shows, bonsai clubs, online through Facebook, Instagram, and his website. He accepts custom orders and ships worldwide.


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Jan 8: BCSS Meeting: "Staging Succulents, part 2" by Keith Taylor

Jan 19: Huntington Botanical Garden Desert Forum, FREE early admission: see flyer at the end of the newsletter

Feb 12: BCSS Meeting: "Building an Outdoor C & S Garden" by Mark Muradian

Mar 12: BCSS Meeting: "20 Years in the ATACAMA, The Land of the Copiapoa" presentation debut by Woody Minnich

Succulent Garden Work Day: TBA

Things you may want to bring: hand weeding tools, knee-pad, bottled water, maybe a bucket, gloves and be prepared to get dirty, especially if the soil is wet.

Cal State Garden

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